How to get static out of your dog's fur

How to get static out of your dog’s fur: 5 factors you should consider!

How to get static out of your dog’s fur is a concern for not only you but many other dog owners as well.

To find the solution, let us start with the definition of static and what causes it.

According to Discover Magazine

“Static electricity comes down to the interactive force between electrical charges.”

Static electricity is common when the air is dry and the humidity is low therefore it is a much more frequent problem in the winter months. Static electricity can also be a problem, especially in regions with dry climates.

Under the right conditions, your dog’s fur will inevitably build up static which you may notice when the fur stands on-end and may result in a slight shock when you touch him.

Here are five strategies to use when considering how to get static out of your dog’s fur

What are you wearing?


Certain materials such as nylon and polyester actually increase static electricity! As a result, it is advised to exchange these for natural fabrics. Check that your pet is sleeping on a cotton blanket, for example, or wearing wool. Consider purchasing a natural fabric-based wardrobe for yourself as well. Generally, synthetic fibres pick up more static than natural ones.

Air Moisture

Static electricity thrives in dry, low-humidity environments, which is especially problematic when it’s cold outdoors and air heaters are always running. 

Increasing the moisture in your home with a whole-house humidifier is one of the main ways to get static out of your dog’s fur . If your home is excessively dry, place the portable humidifier in the main living area and set the humidity level at 30 to 50 per cent.

You might also consider room humidifiers that will add moisture to single rooms.

However, if you lack a humidifier, you can still add moisture to the home by placing shallow bowls of water or some large pet-safe houseplants in the house

Wear Lotion Or Spray Water


You might also simply apply lotion before stroking your pet. You can also consider spraying a light mist of water or grooming spray on your dog’s coat.

Dog conditioner


Because there are fewer natural oils in your dog’s coat to help keep it under control, his hair is more prone to static when he has recently been bathed and dried.

You have two options. First, after shampooing your dog, use a conditioner. This will increase the moisture content of the coat. For dry coats, try a deep conditioning treatment. This will provide loads of moisture to the coat while also leaving it very silky!

Then, before brushing your dog, use a spray-on conditioner or detangler to remove the charge from his coat. This works because it increases moisture, making brushing your dog a less “shocking” experience. The beautiful thing about a spray-on treatment is that you may use it whenever you notice static in your dog’s coat. It is not necessary to wait until bath time.

You may also spray it on your dog’s brush before brushing him. This will help to lessen the static electricity that the brush may produce when used on your dog’s coat.

Metal or ionic brushes

Invest in metal brushes for your pet’s at-home grooming; plastic brushes tend to conduct more electricity. Metal brushes will also last longer than plastic brushes, so you’ll get a lot of use out of them. 

Another possibility is to use an ionic brush. These are specifically intended to eliminate static electricity while brushing.

If you follow these 5 simple steps, static on your dog fur should become a thing of the past.

Bonus tip on how to get static out of your dog’s hair

You may prevent static electricity in your home by spraying anti-cling fabric spray on the fabric of your sofas and chairs. One option I saw was to use fabric softener sheets. However, keep in mind that such items may contain chemicals that are poisonous to your pet or irritate its sensitive skin. If your pet looks to be allergic to the product, stop using it and consult your veterinarian

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